Sit-ups? A waste of time. Introduce the L-sit to your workout and you’ll be done in seconds – literally. It’s fairly easy to do on dip bars or gymnastics rings, but do it on the floor and the increased strength required to keep your legs up provides an excruciating yet effective abs workout. ‘Holding it for ten seconds is plenty long enough,’ says Spartanfam trainer Dwayne ‘Coop’ Cooper, pictured demonstrating the move. ‘Rest a minute, do two more sets, and you’re done.’ No sit-ups required. 

How to do this move

A. Start on the floor. You’ll have the best chance of a respectable showing if you point your fingers forward and spread them out as if you’re trying to grip the ground. 

B. Flex your legs, abs, glutes – everything, basically – and lift yourself off the ground. Leaning your torso forwards slightly will help with your balance, but there’s nothing we can do about the screaming of your abs and hip flexors. Hold it.

The build up

Haven’t got the strength for the full version? Here’s how to get started

Tuck sit

The same as the L-sit, except you bend your knees. The decreased leverage gives you a better shot at holding the position. 


Sit on the floor with your legs extended so you form a V-shape. Hold it until  failure, rest for 60sec and repeat.