It’s week four of my transformation and the initial excitement has well and truly worn off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still looking forward to the end, but it’s only now hitting home just how hard this is going to be. There hasn’t been a drastic change in my body fat just yet – I haven’t had the tests to confirm it, but let’s just say my belly is still fairly prominent.

My trainer Shaun has been upping the intensity each session and we’re doing drop sets of moves that concentrate on my upper and lower body separately – plus the total-body nightmare that is squatting. Overall, I’m finding the moves easier as my form has been getting better, plus I’m more familiar with them, but on the flipside that means Shaun is starting to push me to my limits. I have to go to failure, which is OK on some moves, and pretty damn painful for others. I’m finding glute bridges and single-leg presses hard, but I managed 10 squats with 70kg, which is a PB. Nice!

Shaun is making me finish with jump squats. It would be OK to start with them but as a finisher it’s proving difficult. Knowing the session will be over straight after is getting me through it.

To be honest, I am a little worried I’m going to have to have that final photoshoot in just six weeks, but as long as I put my all into every session and stick to the diet plan from Soulmatefood I should be able to stand proudly and have my photo taken. Topless. For a national magazine… Oh well, we’re moving onto more interval-based work now – let’s put its fat-burning claims to the test.

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